Fall Registration Now in Progress

If you are a current student, you can register yourself online through WebAdvisor.

Choose the right classes that you need to graduate by reviewing your degree plan (AAS, CERT). Recommended course schedules for the Fall Session are provided below to help you make the right choices.

 Fall 2014 Recommended Schedules

Review your schedule and make necessary changes prior to first class day of the semester. Refunds will be calculated for schedule changes made on or after the first day of the semester. The student is responsible for making schedule changes, dropping classes or withdrawing at the Admission and Records Office.

NEW STUDENTS - Follow the New Student Enrollment Checklist to Get Started!

Make sure you read the following to ensure you stay on-track:
Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid

Student Financial Obligation Agreement

When registering for a new semester, each student is required to read and acknowledge (Use WebAdvisor) the Student Financial Obligation Agreement. This needs
to get done prior to registration.

The Obligation Agreement explains TSTC's collection process and associated collection fees, which are applicable if the student has a past due debt with TSTC.  If you have any questions, please call Student Accounting at 956-364-4409.

If you need help during the registration process - Contact any CNST Faculty member for assistsance.

Key Semester Dates





Links of Interest:

The Windows Club - Check out the Windows News and the downloads section for cool tools and utilities


Lost and Found Items: Any lost and found items left in the classrooms or in buildings need to be brought to the building secretary's office, who will then contact and turn the item(s0 to the College Police. This includes electronic devices, i.e. flash drives, portable hard drives laptops, cell and smart phones, tablets, etc. [IAW COP GA 1.45]


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Information technology is a thriving industry with many career paths and growing employment opportunities. Computer networks are an integral part of all organizations. The demand for workers with skills to implement, support, and secure these Networks will increase as organizations continue to invest in new technologies, and cyber attacks become more sophisticated. Working in this field requires an individual who is comfortable at multi-tasking and possesses a lot of self-discipline. If you are a good problem solver, organized, and an effective communicator, this may be the career for you.